BK Dymacels

August 10th, 2009 by james in Style

B.K Dymacels

Every kid who watched Nickelodeon game shows from 1988 to the mid-90s knew about the BK Dymacels, but I never met a single person who owned them. To me, these shoes had only two purposes — they were the consolation prize on Double Dare and the basketball shoe of choice for all the characters in NES’s Arch Rivals. Every Double Dare episode wasn’t complete until Harvey nasally told the losing kids they had just won a pair of bootleg tennis shoes while they disappointingly wiped whipped cream off their goggles.

The whole consolation prize thing cast a certain “loser” stigma over the shoes and they never recovered to compete with the larger shoe companies. For kids, Nikes and Reeboks were the ‘trip to Space Camp’ of sneakers and the Dymacels were what you got stuck with when your teammate couldn’t find the damn orange flag in time.

Double Dare and B.K. Dymacels
F#&% Dymacels, we're going to Space Camp!

In the same regard that Nike had Jordan, Reebok had Dominique, and even Converse had Larry “Grandmama” Johnson, BK had… Derrick Coleman?! The Dymacel technology was fighting an uphill battle from the get-go. I hear they’re trying to make a comeback, so maybe this isn’t the last we’ve heard from BK?

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Remember BK Dymacels ?

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4 Responses to “BK Dymacels”

  1. spdeay says:

    Every contestant on Double Dare had to wear British Knights… I really wanted to be on Double Dare, but I hated British Knights. Every time I watched the show I had the moral dilemma: if I were somehow chosen to be a contestant, would I bite the bullet and wear the stupid shoes or say “no thanks”?

  2. Whitney says:

    i never envied BKs – i wanted to be robin with her high waisted jeans http://www.cmonfwank.com/images/article015marcdaverobin.jpg

  3. Whitney says:

    and one more. i think i found robin on facebook!


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