Never Forget: Lucas Barton

August 27th, 2009 by Jordan in Film, Never Forget

“Never Forget” is a series of short articles that aim to free specific film, television, and video game characters from the eternal damnation that is pop-culture limbo.

Lucas Barton is a character from the classic film (or 90 minute Nintendo commercial), The Wizard. Lucas is a rich asshole that lives somewhere in between the mid-west and “Ca-lee-fornya.” His weapon of choice is the Power Glove, which he uses to defeat Rain Man-like autistic children at Rad Racer. Lucas has a thing for redheads that grow up to be indie songstresses.

Lucas probably hung himself with the cord from his Power Glove after experiencing an embarrassing defeat playing Super Mario 3 at Video Armageddon.

FACT: Before fighting super villains and wearing his hair all emo in the Spiderman films, a young Toby Maguire was once a part of Lucas’ gang in The Wizard.

YouTube Preview Image

I love the Power Glove.  It’s so bad.

Remember Never Forget: Lucas Barton ?

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One Response to “Never Forget: Lucas Barton”

  1. Chili says:

    Yeah I remember this film for a number of reasons. One reason being, my best friend Josh played one of Fred Savage’s character’s friends in an early cut of the film that was much longer. However, due to need to cut the film down in time by over an hour, his part was cut. So sad. Anyway, I also know the film because a friend of mine was friends with Jenny Lewis and thought I never knew her, we all had a crush on Jenny. I also used to hang out at Universal Studios as a kid and when that movie premiered in 1989 I was there to watch the action outside the original cinemas at Universal: The Cineplex Odeon 18 I believe it was. I did not know Josh at the time, but he told me later when me met at USC that he was there that day. We were probably a mere few feet from each other and did not know it. Plus who didn’t love the onscreen premiere of Super Mario Brothers 3. Cal ee forn ya.

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