D’Compose from the Inhumanoids

August 31st, 2009 by in Toys

“The Inhumanoids were a cartoon and a toyline and it had scientists who wore battlesuits and they fought monsters underground. The coolest toy from the line was D’Compose. He was the biggest toy I owned. He had rubber guts. In 1988 my mom got pregnant with my sister. This meant my parents didn’t love me anymore.I decided to runaway. I felt sad that my unborn sister would not have a brother. I left D’Compose in my bed. He would take my place. He would be an alright brother. In 1989 my sister was born. My parents still loved me. I decided to stay.”

In hindsight a subterranean creature with an exposed ribcage would have been a terrible replacement.

Remember D’Compose from the Inhumanoids ?